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Rock Island, United States
bracelet Gecko-Placelet
date 21.06.2019 17:16
location Rock Island, United States

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The Travel Bracelet


Do you want to own a travel bracelet, present it to others and become part of our community?
Then buy one of our personal bracelets and bring joy to people all over the world!
Using a name you come up with, others can also keep track of your bracelet traveling the world.

Do you want to be part of our social experiment?
Then visit our shop.

How does it work?

1Each bracelet has an ID on the backside. Use it to register yourself in the box on our home page!

2Wear your bracelet as long as you want.

3Upload pictures of yourself and your bracelet. Make sure the ID is not visible – it works as a password!

4Give your bracelet to friends or strangers and explain the basic principle to them.

5The next user can also upload pictures and give the bracelet away. You don't need a profile to upload pictures, only to register a new bracelet.

6Keep track of your bracelet, comment on pictures and stay in touch with people from all over the world!

Any questions? Take a look at the FAQ or contact us.