On this page you will find some frequently asked questions. If this doesn't help you, contact us.

If you come across comments or pictures with explicit or discrimintating content or spam on our website, you should report these to the site administration so that they will get deleted. Click on the button with the "X" in the upper right corner next to the picture or comment. As the owner of a travel bracelet, you additionally have the ability to delete pictures or comments on your own bracelet directly using the same button.

Although you can also use certain functions of our website without a registered account, a personal account brings you several advantages. For one, it is necessary to send your own travel bracelet around the world. Additionally, you get a personal profile page, which allows your friends to keep track of your bracelets and uploads and you will no longer be displayed anonymously when posting comments.

Generally, you can spread your bracelet page everywhere on the internet using a permanent link ("www.placelet.net/[your username]/[number]", where [number] has to be replaced for example by 1 for your first bracelet, 2 for your second bracelet etc.). Furthermore, your bracelet can be found by entering the bracelet name, which you can change to whatever suits you, into the search bar in the upper right corner of our web page. Registered users also have the ability to subscribe to your bracelet, meaning they will automatically be informed about new pictures to this bracelet.

Go to your profile page and move the mouse cursor over the bracelet showcase. You will see the ID in a field next to your cursor.