About us

Mitarbeiter von Placelet
The JUNIOR businessmen at a meeting

Global Bracelet. Travel&Connect.

We are a team of highly motivated students of grade 11 at the Gymnasium am Römerkastell Bad Kreuznach, who participate in the Juniorprojekt of the German Institute for Economic Research(DIW) in Cologne. The Juniorprojekt offers students the opportunity to actively engage in the daily activities associated with running a business to gain a variety of experiences to prepare for the working life. The concept of our business is to produce 'travel bracelets' which are given from friend to friend around the world. The various owners of the bracelet will take photos of it and upload it to our website, which we hope will become a great community.

  • chief executives: Sarah Baiker & Janik Rennollet
    • management:
      Patrick Piroth
      • Eloisa Marzell
    • finances:
      Sebastian Gänz
      • Moritz Junkermann
    • marketing:
      Celine Müller-Späth
      • Alicia Braun
        • Kai Zurmöhle
          • Justus Renger
            • Lea Reinke
              • Collin Meffert
    • production:
      Maximilian Klapdar
      • Edda Strohm
        • Johanna Dippel
          • Anna-Lena Bretscher
            • Silvia Orth
    • website:
      Roman Savrasov
      • Daniel Schäfer
        • Julian Zimmerlin